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Unit Focus: The Butcher

Here we are for our first Unit Focus. Hopefully we can get one of these produced for each Unit in the game. We aim to create a feel and playstyle to each Unit and so if anything is these Focus posts is not living up to what we want it to it would be great to have some feedback.

The Asylumist Butcher is a ferocious, hardy melee Unit designed to take a beating as it makes its way up the battlefield towards it’s prey. As you can see from it’s appearance, it’s a souped up Asylumist in bulky, rather crude armour (no offence there Tox) which has the job of keeping the Horde at bay while the massive machines of the Tic Tox get to work.

Butcher & Horde

The Butchers stats also reflect this.

To start off, the Butchers stat line isn’t what you would expect from a 3 threat Unit. With a Resolve of 3 they are no more durable than a Convict Drone or a Horde (Guess that crude armour doesn’t add much protection). Then we see the Hit Points Value, which is a whopping 4. That’s where this Unit’s hardiness comes from and so far in testing they have taken some serious firepower and kept going.

Each Butcher also has a Goreforge Cleaver. Firstly, its had it’s Attacks increased from 1 to 2 since release so that’s a nice surprise. Next the Cleaving special rule makes those hits count. Now when you match the Resolve value of a Unit it’s really going to feel it as it cleaves through and causes 2 Points of Damage rather than 1. All things considered, this still doesn’t add up to the 3 threat cost.

Ah, now we’re talking. Bloodlust kicks in as soon as a Model from the Unit is slain. With the blood in the air and the rest of the Unit quite angry about it, their Move, Resolve and Attack values increase by 1. Moving away from an Incapacitated Butcher seems a little more appealing to gain that +1 and whats more is that it doesn’t stop at 1. Drop 2 and you get +2, drop 3 and, that’s right, you get + 3. After 2 Butchers have bit the dust you now have a Move of 6″, Resolve of 5 and 4 Attacks each. The Grasping Rule also means that those attacks can generate more attacks giving you better odds of matching the Resolve value of your target and dealing 2 Points of Damage. Finally we have Flesh Eater which helps with keeping those buffed up survivors alive. Each Point of Damage dealt has the chance to remove sustained damage from your Unit, and since you deal 2 instead of 1 that’s 2 chances to get those Hit Points back and stay in the fight.

So that’s The Butcher. Next up this week we have the Attack Squad.


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