A new but familiar smile

Off the back of the Recon drones, the Asylumist Horde are also getting a bit of a facelift. As the most illustrated design we have, you may have thought we had these maniacal murder machines done and dusted by now, but we want them to shine on the battlefield, so here we are. Throughout the creation process of the game, we have approached each design with a fluid mindset, nothing is permanent, and everything can change. We also want each miniature the grab you and stand out which is why 3 of our showcased miniatures are getting a do-over.

New Concept

We would also like to give a heads up on a few changes we have made to the rules. Firstly we have altered the way that Force on weapons interacts with certain models with the Grievous Damage rule.

Grievous Damage
If the Force value of the weapon exceeds the HP (Hit Points) value of the Unit it deals the HP value as damage for each success.

Now when a Unit is struck by a powerful weapon, it’s really going to feel it. Why did we make this change?

Big Guns

Because if those guns hit you they aren’t just going to leave a burn mark! Finally keep your eyes out for our Virtual UKGE streams as we show off the game and open up discussion around what were doing between these posts. Thanks for checking in, back to the barracks!