About Us

An Intro

So, how did we get here? From its beginnings as something two brothers would talk about on the way to school Sythopian Wars has always, at its core, been about bringing a new world to life. Approaching our goal of kickstarting the tabletop game has taken many years, decades, in fact, to achieve and has by no means been as easy as a conversation between two individuals with overactive imaginations. There have been several versions of the game alone, ideas for comics, animations and computer games. We have briefly liaised with other like-minded individuals who have left their mark, some good some bad, but ultimately their priorities have taken them elsewhere as is life. In the end, it has all led to this.

Early Days
Test after test after…

The Team

Jason Jump (Co-creator, writer, 3d modeller)

Antony Jump (Co-creator, concept artist, painter)

As a team of two, we have luckily managed to accumulate what we needed to bring the planet of Sythopia to the tabletop. Myself, I like creating the rules, backstory and all other creative aspects. I managed to pick up a little 3d at college and university which I used with the recent drop in 3d printer cost to create the minis. My brother is a self taught artist and painter who has found inspiration from comic artists.

The Game

Above all we want this game to be fun. It is something we ask ourselves about every aspect we test. Secondly, we try to make things make sense. This might seem odd in a fantasy setting but if your playing a game and something happens that makes no logical sense it can really ruin the experience, as gamers ourselves we are all too aware. Lastly, we want to introduce you to our world. It’s definitely no fairy tale, most creatures here will want to rip your face off, but it’s packed with details and story to sink your teeth into. We have several armies, with several sub armies and that’s just what’s going on your table.

OP-dat with a bit of story

The End Game

So as was mentioned before, we hope to get Sythopian Wars to Kickstarter to get the game sent out and enjoyed by as many tabletop fans as possible. But this is not our main goal. We hope to continue bringing out more minis, rules, and stories to add to the starter kits we are designing. Many of these units are already designed and waiting. Overall we want to build something that lasts and something we continue to develop for some time to come.