From deep within the blood soaked Asylum cities pour the creatures of nightmare known now as the Asylumists. From the moment they enter the world, from the cold, lifeless mechanisms of great machines they are set upon by their own kin. Only those who survive the onslaught with sheer brutality and ferocity make it beyond the machines confines to wreak havoc beyond. Their numbers incalculable, the survivors swarm over and under the lands, seizing weapons and vehicles to aid them in their bloody slaughter. Such is their lust for violence that the piles of their dead reach high into the sky, but even then they do not know peace. Weapons roar and screams echo as the fight continues, the combatants crushing the bodies underfoot and deep below, the shunting engines of mechanical worms plough their maws through the mass to mash the corpses into bio fuel. The frenzied hordes are not alone as many find themselves under the influence of sinister minds that turn them into cybernetic soldiers or walking weapons.

Now you control the horde. Where you point they destroy. Send forth your frenzied masses to swarm your enemy or surgically remove threats with specialised units. Your Asylumists await your command.

Opernational Data


Death Squad
Heavies (Spider)
Green Eyes
Green Eyes Cauldron