Death from the Shadows

The Tin Men advanced, their talons slamming down into the dust before lifting again as their trudge edged them into the swarming mass of Horde. The Hellbore cannons roared, ejecting funnels of heat and light as they tore into the enemy sending fragments of singed bone and twisted flesh spinning in all directions. As the Tin Men moved onwards, a great howl erupted from the nearby ruins as Tin Men began to fall under the volley of Ripper pikes, smashing through their shields and punching ultraheated holes through their armor. The Death Squads moved swiftly before their enemy eviscerated the ruins into nothing more than glowing rubble in retaliation. The howl would begin again from another ruin, another shadow and more Tin Men would fall. Overhead the battle raged, and the silhouette’s of a new type of unit dropped from above to sweep the hidden enemies from their positions. Attack squad alpha units began their purge.

The Death Squads advance

The next unit completed in the Death Squad. This unit compliments the Horde, allowing for some great synergy and with the stealth rule this unit will stick around a lot longer than your oponent likes.

Armed with Rippers they can move quickly while laying down fire before setting up with their heavy pike shots to rain damage on even the hardiest foes.