From Models to Units

So we have been busy getting our Models printed and painted for the upcoming game play video and they are coming along nicely if I do say so myself. We have also put together an OpDat sheet for the Bogeyman, a stealthy murder machine, for the Asylumist army.

A Unit of Tin Men pulled from their labours of construction back into front line duties.
A Heavies Spider emerges from the rubble to ambush unwary prey.
The Recon drones scan the battlefield providing intel and firepower for their allies.

The Bogeyman has access to some very scary special rules allowing it to sneak up on its enemies, attack from the shadows and disappear without giving the enemy a chance to attack it. Although it may seem to be quite frail, with a Resolve of only 3, it’s enemies may find this creature to be very difficult to pin down in order to land that killing blow.

Keep popping in to see more of our progress as we move further towards our aim to get Sythopian Wars crowdfunded. We are also going to be getting some lore pages up on our site to introduce more of our story staring with the quirky designs present on the Tin Men, why they seem to have been the victim of some graffiti and their place amidst the growing conflict.