Incoming Artillery!

The Arsenal waits for a Target

We are happy to show the latest addition to the Confederation forces, the Arsenal. This medium-ranged mechanized artillery is able to pick off targets long before they can return fire. Skyshatter Lances designed to punch through modest vehicle armor will threaten heavy infantry and its Sundershard Morters blast holes in light infantry formations, especially deadly should the target freeze your sights.

Arsenal Operational Data

Although the Arsenal is Artillery it is not as vulnerable in close range as its enemies would hope. Decimate them with the Hellbore Assault Canons before finishing the job with your Hammer fists. Like other Mechanized units, increase the danger you pose by taking advantage of the Recon Drones special rule enabling you to instantly lock-on and plant your shots wherever you need. Meanwhile, a monstrous shape approaches from the Asylum cities ready to join the battle. Up next, the Butcher.