Megalysk wants a hug!

May I be your Host today?

The Megalysk, this massive bulk of reanimated flesh, is the first of the Host to be brought to life as a mini. The basis of the Host is that of reanimation and control as single parts of once hellish combatants get a second chance to fight again. In this case, the severed head of a creature has become a Megalysk form. What remains of its jaw and tongue now make up the body of this creature and boils containing other Host hang down from the broken skin that used to be its neck.

Got your Tongue!

The Megalysk is also the first 3 Threat Point mini we have in Sythopian Wars, and with good reason. Looking at its stats at first, you may feel a little underwhelmed. A resolve of 3 isn’t fierce which puts a downer on the fact it has 8 Hit Points, equal to a Heavies Spider. However, dig into those weapons and Special rules, and you start to see why 3 Resolve isn’t that much of a problem.

The Blast-wave Gullet doesn’t care how tough you are as it rips you apart with Ultrasonic. When this weapon hits it doesn’t care how tough you are. Your opponent will either have to risk being obliterated or use their activation defending.

Smile for the camera.

How does the gullet make up for the 3 Resolve? It doesn’t, but Imperfect Host does. With this rule, a token can negate up to your HP in damage, 8 in this case! You enemy is going to have a hard time punching through all that extra HP as you unleash your booming voice.

As nasty as the Megalysk is, however, even big, ugly tongue creatures need friends and coming in on the wing are the Hosts buddies. Keep your eyes open for the Megalysks retinue, coming soon.