Midweek Peek & Ongoing Changes

With the changes to the Rules, and as a direct result the entire of everything, still underway it’s time to meet the next smiley faced addition to the Confederation’s arsenal, the Arsenal (get it). This lumbering stack of metal brings some big guns to the fight, and a lot of them to make sure they aren’t wasted.

The Arsenal is armed with a multitude of neat weapons from the 3 cannons mounted on its back to the smaller cluster launchers placed neatly by it’s ornamental face. capable of laying down frightening firepower over vast distances, it is surprisingly very slow and bulky. Alright maybe not so surprisingly. Enemies that charge this mass of guns should also beware it’s ability to combine the fire of all of its weapons to disintegrate the enemy, their weapons and probably the ground they charge on.

Once again, we have some big changes coming to the core rules and many projects underway so things may be a little slower for a while. Keep popping back for updates.