Minor Tweaks and More Peeks!

Back again for another round. This time it’s a quick look at the upcoming Attack Squad for the Confederation Army, a couple more changes, and to let you all know the Butcher is now available for testing in the Asylumist Print & Play section. At the moment the Print & Play is being consistently updated with more Units, Logistics Cards, Armies and more, with the hope of getting the game thoroughly tested. On the sidelines work has begun on the 3d miniatures for use with the game, and the Lore is undergoing a little bit of a face lift for release for anyone who wants to know more about the Armies and just what is going on! We’re also looking at setting up some videos to give a walk through of the game and explain various aspects, so as you can see we have a lot going on at the moment.

Change wise, just a minor one that has correctly changed the reference to ‘Resolve Phase’ in the Command Phase section of the Rulebook, to the correct reference ‘Reaction Phase.’ The Special Rules has also been updated to include the Butcher Rules. This weekend we will also do a little intro to the Butcher in regards to their abilities in the game.

Finally a bit of a sneak peek at the Attack Squad. Fast and deadly in Close Combat, although often regarded as a more up to date Tin Man, they have many abilities up their mechanised sleeves. Able to traverse Cover with ease and armed with a multi functional weapon, they can adapt to their opponent before quickly closing in for the kill. Watch out for them next week when their Operational Data becomes available.