Minor Tweaks & Early Peeks

It’s only been a couple of days since we made the Print and Play available, but we thought it best to make sure a couple of things were addressed early. First, since we had a reshape of the site, the Unit Print’s have been added to the Operational Data for each Unit. Alongside that we have added the instructions on how to use them to the front page of the Rulebook with the other adaptations. We have also made a couple of minor tweaks to one of the Logistics Cards, Requiem, which is no longer a Crad, but is now a Card again. In addition we have lowered the Dice successes it allows you to change/keep to 3, lets face it 6 seemed excessive.


Finally we have a bit of a sneak peek at one of the two new Units due to be available for testing. The Butcher is a Melee oriented Unit soon to be available to the Asylumists Army. As you can see this things been hitting the gym hard, or the Tic Tox have been at it again, either way they are designed to be hard hitting and durable. The more damage they take the more dangerous they become so watch out for these guys when they are near deaths door. More on them coming soon. Check in next week to catch the Confederation addition, The Attack Squad.