Print & Play now Online!

So it’s been a long time coming. After quite a few re-writes, tests and what felt like an eternity of banging our heads against a wall we finally have the Print & Play Sythopian Wars Table Top Game for download (title reduction pending). Head to the Print & Play section of the Site where you will find the Rules, Tools and Army info to set up and test the game. This game is still in development so I am under no illusion that all the bugs have been worked out yet and any feedback (constructive please) would be appreciated.

So far we have 4 Units from 2 armies available for testing with many more set for release in the future. Slowly but surely more background, units and armies will appear on the site and any updates will be posted about. We may also look into videos covering play at some point so we can get all the rules on point.

Follow the link below to our Print & Play page and have fun!

Print & Play