Road to Kickstarter: From the Rooftops

Last weekend we had a blast at the UKGE. Thanks to everyone who came by our stand! We had plenty of people turn up our minis grabbing peoples attention as they walked by and feedback was great with most of those who stayed and played the game giving plenty of praise. At this point we are looking toward getting our game out there, shouting from the rooftops and asking gamers to see what we have. In all honesty, right now this feels like a mountain to climb as we look for reviewers and audiences to tap into as we work towards handing out prototypes. We also showed off the new Horde model:

New Horde

As you will hopefully see for yourself it’s a massive improvement over the older model. Now with only the convict drone to give a facelift things are beginning to creep a lot closer to Kickstarter.

New next to Old

We recognise that there are a few out there that prefer the old model and its unique look. Your feedback has been heard and we hope to add this attire as a Horde variant to the new model.

So what’s next? We’re in the process of having prototypes produced to be sent out to reviewers, gaming clubs and anyone that can help us build an audience! We still have a ways to go but right now we’re riding high from a fantastic convention.

Thanks again and see you all soon!