Road to Kickstarter: UKGE

The UKGE is now only a few weeks away and we have been hard at work getting ready. For now, our focus has been on polishing up our starter kit by revising, altering and remaking models, rules and our plans for the final product.

One of the biggest changes comes with the new Death Squad model. Click the link to see the old model here

Firstly, the new model follows the concept art more closely with the Ripper gun being a much more prominent feature. A modified industrial spike gun, the Ripper send shards of metal at hypersonic velocity towards its target with leftover slag hardening into shards at its maw. Other changes include the removal of a large backpack with a much more appropriate biofuel generator.

We have also been working on our presentation. We have a new battlefield to display our minis (more on that later) new T-Shirts and a new banner.

As for what else, we hope to show off our packaging, more of Antony’s concept art and of course the game which will be available to play. We hope to see you there!