Small Update and Scarecrow Peek

While work continues on the Updates to the Rules, Logistics Cards and many of the other projects for the game, here is a look at the next Unit to be added to the Asylumist Roster. Lurking in the Shadows, entrenched in makeshift cover referred to as nests, the Scarecrows eliminate their targets over vast distances with pinpoint accuracy. When their hapless targets finally manage to locate them they shift, disappearing instantly from view, only to fire again from another nearby nest. The Scarecrows are a deadly sniper Unit armed with a long range cannon that is capable of killing or suppressing Units. They are the first Unit to be added with a DIGITAL Weapon, which only misses it’s mark on the Roll of a 1, representing the inescapable accuracy of this Unit. With the threat to the Confederation increasing, its time for them to look at some bigger guns. As the Scarecrows begin to enter battlefields, the Confederation will be bringing the Arsenal, a long range, mobile gun platform to the fight soon.

Later this week the changes to the Rules will be added, and a small update post will accompany them so it’s easy to see just whats changed.