Sythopian Wars is going to Airecon!

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Sythopian Wars is going to Airecon!

So we’re off to Airecon in March to do a bit of showing off and to try and start a bit of traction for when we bring this beast to crowdfunding. It’s been a long road but we finally have the miniatures done and are busy crafting a table to rock up with. If you check out the gallery you will also notice another piece of concept art but this time it’s not for the 2 starter armies (shock and awe) and you can now see the early concept for another army, the Host. More info as we get closer to march and we will also be filming a few games before then so you can feast your eyes on the starter set (all be it with placeholder minis as they were modelled by a bit of an amateur… me.)

For now, we have an image of the convict drones that have finally been finished. Stay tuned for more…


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