Sythopian Wars: Road to Kickstarter

As we have stated before, one of our goals is to get Sythopian Wars into production and stores so that you lot can get in on what we believe is a fantastic game and setting. The big take away from the events we attended earlier this year was the competition in this field. To that end, we want to bring something amazing to Kickstarter. First and foremost, the starter kit has to stand out, and that means some of our models are getting an overhaul.

Convict Concept
Convict Model
New Concept

The Convict drone is one such model. Although the model came out well, it doesn’t quite fit what we want. So now we have a new concept and soon a new model. Although this will add to the work, we intend to do before launch we believe it will pay off.

Death Squad Concept
Death Squad Model
New Death Squad Concept

The Horde and Death Squad will also undergo this treatment to look more like existing concept art. As we said, we want these models to get your attention! We are continually working towards getting all 6 of our forces ready and will update you as we go, but at this point, we will be looking at 24 unique models! That’s 90 models for all the starter forces should we hit all our goals. More on those later. As always keep an eye on our Facebook page and follow us for more.