The Game

The World has ended and from it, a new one must be forged from the blood, scorched metal, and fires of war. There is no good or evil, only survival as you muster your forces to lay waste to your enemies. But who, or what, will you lead? The armies await your commands and their units stand ready to plunge themselves into battle on your word alone. Below you can find the rules that will allow you to wage your war and command your army to victory. Keep them with you lest you open yourself to the deceit or foolishness of your enemies.

Beta Rulebook

The Asylumists are creatures of nightmare. With their limitless numbers and talent for cruelty, they spill across the land in mass hordes accompanied by horrific engines of war.

The Confederation is a once-proud collection of races, reduced to mere playthings and resources for their rulers to command and experiment on. Using flesh and metal to build their mechanized armies they seek to purge all others who do not yield to the will of the council.

The Host

The Drakkaran

The Order

Biocite Expanse