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The Game

Welcome to the SythopianWars Table Top game site. Right now the Print & Play is available to download for testing as we continue to develop it.

The Rules are available here and cover most aspects of the Game. Alongside the Rules, Armies Operational Data is also needed in order to play the Units in the Game. At this time we have the Asylumists and the Confederation to try out with many more Units and Armies to follow.

As the game is in Print & Play format at at the moment, with hopes of having miniatures in the future, we also have the printouts included with the Army Operational Data. To make use of these simply print them off, cut along the BLACK lines, fold each section in half so that the image appears on both sides making sure not to glue below the red lines and fold out the flaps to create a platform. We recommend printing these onto Card as well as the Logistics and Token Prints found in the Game Tools section.

As stated before this game is very much still in development and if you have any questions, feedback or problems when testing please get in touch via our Facebook page.