Tweaks and Peeks part 3

This weeks Tweeks revolve around the way the Shooting and Damage mechanics work. The last major tweak came from the Close Combat phase in order to try and clear up a few issues. This time it’s the Shooting rules that are getting a bit of a clean up. The reasons behind this are simple yet important to us as we attempt to get the game playing smoothly, and as we see it being played. It may sound odd but when we write a rule or design a weapon, the intention is to try and recreate how the weapon works in dice/template or rule form. So far with the Shooting rules, this has felt lacking when it comes to multiple shot weapons like machine guns. With that in mind let me introduce you to the changes that will be making their way into the rules soon.

Changes to Shooting

So it goes without saying that due to the changes to the Shooting Rules, almost all of the Units will have their weapons altered. All of the Weapons will still work as intended and themed, but the new system requires some work on RoF and the special rules. Firstly and most importantly, the Shooting Rules as they stand now are mostly intact. Players will still carry out Shooting Actions and return fire as normal, however a second layer to the Hit system will be added. This will be the Damage Roll.

Damage Roll

When Players have Rolled to Shoot, they count up their successful hits. Like before if this number equals the Resolve value of the Target (and subsequent times) a Point of Damage is dealt. The main difference is that the Hit roll, like the new Roll Off at the start of Close Combat, only activates ‘on hit’ rules of the weapons. Once failures are removed from the pool, the successes are rolled to deal damage. In the same way as Melee the number required is equal to or higher than the resolve of the Unit. Successful rolls Deal a Point of Damage & incur any special rules that apply to damage. This Roll increases the potential for damage and so makes Multiple Shot weapons more dangerous. However in some circumstances, like Resolve 6 Units, this can lower potential. So to counter this each weapon in the game in gaining a new stat, Force.


Force lowers the Result needed when rolling for Damage. A force of 1 would lower the Result needed when firing at a Resolve 6 Unit from 6 to 5 and so on. All weapons will have this new stat and their weapons will be altered to accommodate.

Cover and Resolve

With the changes to Shooting, Cover and Resolve will also be altered slightly and be allowed to increase beyond 6. It will be possible for Cover to grant a 7+ bonus, making very difficult to Hit them with normal weapons and Resolve of 7+ making some Units immune to Light Weapons. To compensate, most Infantry Units will have some sort of close quarters weapon to deal with tougher Units.

Battlefield Tiles + Scenario

Outside of the Changes, here is a Peek at an upcoming release.  Battlefield Scenario 6 adds a new way to play the game with added rules and more thematic play. Check it out below.

So be on the look out for the updated Rules/Units coming soon. Also coming up is another addition to the Asylumist army, a brutal sniper Unit, the Scarecrow.