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Tweaks and Peeks!

Last week saw the Butcher added to the Asylumists and now the Confederation are hitting back with their own addition. The Attack Squad is now available for testing and can be found here with the rest of it’s crew.

This weekend there will be some changes made to a few of the core rules. The Close Combat system will be getting a bit of a tidy to make it easier to get to grips with, the Special Rules compendium will be getting updated to include the rules from the Attack Squad, and a few more changes will also be taking place including a change to the way Multiple profile Weapons work. So far the Deathsquad and Attack Squads are the only Units in the game with these types of weapons, but many more are on the horizon. Up till now you could simply use every setting on the weapon, but with the Attack Squad weapon we want there to be a choice. So below is a draft for the upcoming change to the Rule to use with the Attack Squad and any other Unit with this type of weapon.

Multiple Profiles

Some weapons will state multiple ways of using a single weapon. To use these weapons, choose one of the profiles and resolve the Hits. Unless stated otherwise only 1 profile can be chosen per weapon.

So for now if you have a Muti Profile Weapon you have to choose and use only one of their firing options. Other rules or Logistics cards will allow for the use of all profiles in the future but this is roughly what will appear at the Weekend. As always we will keep you up to date.


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