Unit Analysis: Asylumist Horde

What is the Horde? How are they used on the table and what could they add to your army of bloodthirsty monsters?

In the Lore

The Asylumist Hordes are a nightmarish swarm of carnage and death. With their almost limitless numbers, they pour over the landscape engulfing all in fire and blood. Heralding from cities smothered by the nightmarish chaos of slaughter and industry, thousands of these creatures pour forth from ancient machines every few seconds and they are immediately thrown into the fight for survival. As their numbers spill outwards into the battle filled streets, so numerous are the corpses of those that fail, that they provide an abundant fuel source for the rest of the Asylumist Forces. The Horde form the base of the Asylumist army from which the others are created either through cybernetics or mental conditioning. Although many Asylumist units boast superior firepower and coordinated tactics due to their upgrades, they will never match the numbers of the frenzied Horde. Fortunately for their enemies, not only do they swarm the enemy but they will not hesitate to attack their own kind, regardless of what they have become.

On the Table

The Horde is a deadly unit to face on the battlefield. Hitting the table with a unit number of 10 they provide an intimidating target as they charge towards their enemy and, if left unchecked, can be too much to handle if they manage to get into melee against most units. With an impressive Move value of 8, running with this unit will give you a menacing charge range of 16″, which can be used to quickly bridge gaps and harass slow enemies. Even when running the Horde does not slow as the Relentless special rule allows them to negate the run restriction. Outside of charging, this unit is still dangerous with their scavenged guns which, although not as powerful as other ranged weapons in the game, are still deadly when used with the Hordes numbers.

The Hordes only weakness is their low resolve. Although they have their own shields, lacking the technology of their comrades, they can struggle to stand against the firepower of hardened units. However, the Horde is not known for its durability. Instead, the Horde rule allows models that have been slain from the unit to be replaced as more Asylumists join the mass. This effect takes place whenever the Horde is activated be it to move, shoot or even swing their weapons. Your opponent must be wary even if a single Horde remains as the 1 will become the many once again if they are ignored.

Once the enemy has been softened with your ranged weapons it’s time for the kill. In close combat, the Hordes Fast weapon, Twisted Metal, gives them re-rolls on failures often overwhelming the opponent with attacks. Coupled with the Horde rule, this unit can become an unstoppable wave of models or a fantastic target for your Death Squads with their Friendly Friendly Fire rule. More on that when we take a closer look at the Asylumist Death Squads.