Unit Analysis: Tin-Men

In the Lore

The Tin-Men are the robotic, front line soldiers of the mechanized Confederation army. They were the first artificial soldier deployed after an age of technophobia came to a bloody end. With the majority of its soldiers slaughtered during the Asylum war, facing the fall of their capital and eventual extinction of their civilization, the Primarshals had no choice but to grant the Council permission to mass produce this new hope. The Tin-Men were easy to produce, cheap and disposable and proved a match for the overwhelming numbers of Asylumist Horde. Once a stalemate appeared within reach the Council enacted their scheme and seized power for themselves turning the Tin Men and their other machinations onto those that denied them absolute rule. Those that had survived the horrors of the Asylum War now had to choose sides as infighting broke out. In the end, the Council were victorious and a new age began.

By the Book

The Tin-Men presence on the battlefield is hard to deny as their size alone stands out against other infantry. With that size, they also boast impressive stats. With a resolve value of 5, these 1 threat units are as tough as other units double their cost, and with 2HP, shifting a well-drilled unit will prove difficult. This durability does come with a cost. As with all robotic units the confederation has, the mechanized rule prevents them from gaining the resolve bonus from cover. That may sound too high a cost for the payoff until you realise this rule also has an additional boon. Mechanized units automatically pass the resolve test to return them to normal if they are stunned AND remove a point of sustained damage for doing so. Essentially any damage that doesn’t outright kill you will be removed as your models get back up ready to continue the fight.

Alongside their large frame, they also boast a large gun and their Hellbore rifle is a monster. With a force of 2, this canon passes through walls to slam shots into their target and with its signature piercing rule can wipe out entire units that are foolish enough to be caught out in the open. In close combat, they aren’t too shabby either with their force 1 mechanical claws delivering damage even if parried.

On the Table

The Tin-Men are a Unit best suited to head into the thick of your opponent. With the Trudging rule, they can’t run but can fire their heavy weapon on the move as they head towards their targets. No unit will want to be caught in the sights of a full 5 man squad firing 5 Hellbore cannons. For this reason, Tin-Men are great at forcing the opponent to retreat out of range or line of sight. Their biggest weakness is their low model count which an enemy can exploit during a charge and so they should be backed up with other units ready to covering fire or counter charge. Non-mechanized units behind Tin-Men gain a cover bonus and can follow closely without worry. It is also worth remembering, although Tin-Men can’t gain a resolve bonus from cover they can still use defend, limiting the target locks of would-be attackers. When used correctly, Tin-Men can decimate even high resolve units which makes them a priority target. Keep them safe or use them to soak enemy fire as you direct forces elsewhere.