Unit Focus & Logistics Update

Back again for another Unit Focus. The Confederation Attack Squad is a fast, close combat addition to the army with a few little tricks up their mechanical sleeves. If you have an enemy that’s dug into some cover and your’e having trouble shifting it, these guys are great for getting in and getting them out. Unlike their Tin Men counter parts, the Attack Squad are able to move quickly across the battlefield, even giving Unit’s like the Asylumist Horde a tough time keeping up. The Attack Squad themselves are shrouded in mystery and not much is known by the general Confederation about the brutal secrets they hold.

Like the Butcher they are a 3 Threat Unit, which puts them in line with other expensive Unit’s like Heavies and Gritguard. Their Resolve and Hit Point values are Identical to a Tin Man, building on the close relationship they share, but their Move value is one of the things that sets these apart. Moving as fast as an Asylumist Horde, they can get to where they are needed, and with another little trick they can also ignore some of the penalties that would hinder other Units.

The Agile Rule makes moving over Cover and charging into Units in Cover a little easier. If your not going for the Long charge then you now only need to spend 1 Command Token to get these guys into Cover.

Finally we have their Weapon which has 3 different firing modes. With the new way that Multi Profile Weapons work in the game, you need to choose the right shot for the job. Firstly, the Stun Shot, is a non damaging Assault type. This shot is designed to incapacitate a couple of Models, up to 5 if your lucky, so other Units can charge in and do some damage. Alternatively it’s a good way of forcing enemies to choose between getting away and losing their comrades, or staying to face the Attack Squad in Melee.

The Shockwave Shot fires Grenades similar to those used by other Confederation Units. The difference here is that it’s got the Auto weapon type, and since the Shot has the explosive rule and uses a template, you have more chance of getting those Hits on Units in Cover.

The Havoc Shot is the heavy hitter designed for those big, nasty Units that are hard to hurt. Bear in mind however that this Shot, being Heavy type, requires the Unit to be stationary, and takes full penalties from Cover, so position is key.

Finally we have the Attack Squads Melee Weapon, the Hypercharge Talon. As a Defensive Weapon it generates additional Hits for every failure the opponent Rolls, making them pay for every one of them. In addition, when an enemy is slain it explodes into a shower of biological, hypercharged shrapnel (thematically of course, we truly hope your Models/Prints do not do this). As outlined in the Special Rules Compendium, the explosion only effects enemy Models and unlike a lot of other Melee weapons, the damage CAN be applied to Models not in the Melee.

So with the Attack Squad now up for testing we have another little addition.

In the Gaming Tools section of the site you can get hold of these Army Specific Logistics Cards. Each one is designed for a Unit in the Game and offers a ability/tactic to introduce to the Units. We are also overhauling the system, and including symbols to recognise how to use the cards. For now the Instructions can still be used without the symbols but this is just a taste of things to come. More on them later. Check back soon and we should have given the old cards the new treatment, and have a few other things to bring to the table.