As mentioned it our last post we have a few changes implemented.

Firstly the Close Combat section of the Rulebook has been altered to try and clear up the wording. Essentially we want Close Combat to feel directly competitive, and so a Roll off system between combatants takes place before the damage from Hits is resolved. As a result, some Units have had their Close Combat Weapons altered or replaced to try and better fit in with the new system.

The Deathsquad’s Slashing Blades now has the Borer rule, replacing Rending, which is more in line with the bayonet like weapon.

The Heavy (Spider) Hammer rule has been altered to deal Points of Damage on successful Hits adding weight of impact to those massive legs.

Gritguard now have Gritguard Fists instead of CQC.

The Idle rule has been altered to affect Melee weapons more appropriately.

The Special Rules compendium has been updated with a few extra bits to clarify rules, add some of the missing rules and the Multiple Profile rule for weapons has also been altered in the Shooting section of the Rules.

On the horizon we have 8 new Unique Logistics Cards coming soon for the Units in the Game. These will provide a unique, one use ability for each Unit. The Logistics Cards are also being given a bit of TLC to add images, background and symbols to make their use easier. More on these changes later. Also keep an eye out for the Attack Squad Unit Focus which will be on it’s way.